Airinum Lite Air Mask NemeN

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One of the most sustainable masks blended with certified protection, lightweight comfort and superb breathability. The pattern design on this mask comes from a multidisciplinary artist called Leafcutter John who generates patterns with the programming language Java using various algorithms to run through the musical program MAX/MSP. The patterns are then manually plotted using paper and pen which gives a unique expression to each line and the algorithm never repeats itself, resulting in an array of ever-evolving patterns.

Size Guide:

Eye Chin Distance Measurement

The eye - chin distance measurement is a very accurate method for estimating the correct mask size.


  • Use a ruler and measure the vertical distance between your lower eyelid and you chin
  • Note that this is easiest to do in front of a mirror or with the help of a friend.
  • Compare the measurement to the table in the picture below