bitplay AquaSeal 02 - Green

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bitplay's AquaSeal 02 is our AquaSeal Waterproof Bag evolved. With waterproof and water-repellent features, a larger capacity, and more storage space, this two-in-one all-weather bag is your perfect companion whether you’re an urban or outdoor explorer.

- Front Bag 

  • Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener
  • Certified IPX7 Waterproof 
  • Touchscreen Design

- Back Bag

  • Water-Repellent CORDURA®
  • Drain Hole Design
  • Large Capacity and Smart Storage Spaces

bitplay’s AquaSeal 02 consists of two pieces: the front bag with 100% waterproof material, and the rear bag made of water-repellent CORDURA® fabric. The Fidlock® magnetic fastener joins and secures the front and back bag. The front bag lets you use your smartphone directly and keep it safe from water, and the back bag can carry your everyday belongings.

100% Waterproof Front Phone Bag

The transparent front bag features IPX7 waterproof and a touchscreen-friendly design, enabling you to operate your smartphone with ease.

  • Seal Zipper
    The front bag stays airtight using a professional-grade seal zipper. Pull the seal zipper tightly to the end to prevent any water from seeping inside.

  • Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener

    The Fidlock® magnetic fastener joins and secures the front and back bag to make an on-the-go sacoche style. Snap off the front bag in 0.5 seconds, and fasten it back when you’re done.

Water-Repellent CORDURA® Back Bag

Made of 305D CORDURA® fabric that is recyclable, durable, water-repellent, and environmentally-friendly. 

  • Large Capacity and Smart Storage Spaces
    The AquaSeal 02 back bag is designed with a larger capacity, and two inner pockets help organize your valuables. Categorize all of your personal belongings with smart, compact, and plentiful storage spaces.     

  • Water-Repellent Zipper

    The water-repellent zipper keeps the bag dry in rain or wet climates.

  • Drain Hole
    The drainage design allows excess water to drain away quickly, keeping your valuables safe.

  • Safety String
    The safety string is installed on the clasps of the front bag and the back bag to prevent them from accidentally falling.

Anti-Slip Buckle
The anti-slip buckle lets you easily adjust the strap on-the-go and without slippage—staying in place when you're carrying heavy belongings.