CYCL WingLights Universal E-Scooter Adaptor

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Some electric scooters require an adaptor to fit WingLights turn signals into their handlebars. This is usually for handlebar hollows that are not round.
This adaptor is electric scooters with crescent-shaped handlebar hollows which tend to be the Xiaomi and older Ninebot models (such as the ES2 and ES4). There is an alternative adaptor available for Ninebot G30 Max, which is also suitable for newer Ninebot E45e/ E22e.
Remove the grip carefully to check the shape of your handlebar hollow. If the space is round, with a diameter between 14.7mm and 23mm you will be able to fit a pair of WingLights without an adaptor.
Refer to the WingLights Adaptor Compatibility Table online to see whether your electric scooter will require an adaptor.