Troika Toolinator 10 Function Pocket Multi-Tool

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There is a world beyond wireless and smartphone. It is analogue and apps won't get you far here. Because here things are about cutting, screwing, rotating and measuring. So be prepared for when everyday life becomes the wilderness. The TOOLINATOR key chain allows you to get on with it, indoors and outdoors. Ten functions from a knife to a small pry bar to a spokes tool. Made of stainless steel and anodised aluminum.

Mini tool with 10 functions, knife, keyring (wire loop) with carabiner, bottle opener, 3 screwdrivers (2 Phillips, 1 slotted), Allen key (4 sizes), small pry bar, aluminium / stainless steel, Red

 Ideal for everyday use.

With 10 functions: pocket knife, keychain (wire loop) with fastener, bottle opener, 3 screwdrivers (2 cross, 1 slot), hex wrench (4 sizes), small chisels, ruler (5 cm) and nipple clamps (spoke tool).

A real multi-function tool - perfect for key chains thanks to a robust wire mounting cable.

Practical for many everyday situations - the mini tool fits easily into a pocket so it's always ready to hand - perfect for leisure activities, hiking, travelling, etc.

Made in Germany.